Miniature Donkey Christmas Theme, Dominic the Christmas Donkey

meet daisy duke & Lucy Lue ~ Santa's newest jingler's


Santa added his Two Newest Members to his Team with Daisy Duke and Lucy Lue. Both of these "Little Long Ears" are destined to be a crowd favorite all year long? These little charmers will be starting their display career this Easter for Easter egg hunt displays.

These Magical Mini Donkeys came to Santa's Reindeer Company from JF Miniature Donkey Ranch in Mt. Vernon, WA. Julie & Todd were very gracious to raise these two little heartbreakers with such a loving and gentle demeanor to where they act like little love bugs. Both of them would simply love to meet you and show their affection unconditionally during your encounter.

Santa's Reindeer Company plans to continue the training of these sweet little long ears to potentially offer their affection and interaction with Senior Memory Care Facilities in the coming months. We would love nothing more to bring some joy and a smile to our senior folks needing some special affection to brighten their day and stimulate enjoyable memories.

*Fun Fact

Did you know that in the Italian Culture they believe that Santa Claus uses Donkeys to pull his sleigh loaded with Christmas Toys for all the good little girls and boys on Christmas Eve? This stems from the belief that the steep mountains (The Alps) in Italy require the shurfooted donkey to get Santa over the mountains and into the villages across the country to deliver the Christmas Toys.


Daisy Duke is the Dark Bald (White) Face Jennet. 

Daisy was born on July 21, 2018. She  has two unique "Lightning Strikes" on her rear hips and as such is Registered with the American Council of Spotted Asses (ACOSA). Daisy Duke will be approximately 31 inches at the shoulder when she is fully grown (2-3yrs). She is the sweetest little donkey you will ever meet. 

Lucy Lue is the Light Red Colored Jennet. 

Lucy was born on August 5, 2018.  Lucy Lue is a little taller than Daisy in size  and will be approximately 32" at the shoulder when she is fully grown (2-3yrs). Lucy is very affectionate and will not leave you alone once you are in front of her.